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Remembering 4 You Training Institute is pleased to offer caregivers and organizations the following upcoming Classes/Workshops. To learn more about each offering or to register today, click on the link provided. Offen group discounts are available, please enquire at without delay as registration may be limited.

Alz-point-rightTitle: Certified Alzheimer’s Coach training program

Application Deadline: 3 weeks prior to semester classes beginning
Start Date: Spring Semester begins first full week of January-March & September-November (classes are held Tuesday & Thursday, times to be announced)
Method: Webinar with field supervision by instructor
Description: Certificate in Alzheimer’s & Dementia Coaching (CADC)

”…I can’t recommend highly enough Alzheimer’s and other Dementia Coach training at the Remembering 4 You Training Institute. It is intensive, focused, enlightening, provides self growth – just a few words I would use and not because I did the training, but because it crosses borders, tying different theories into one course so broadening the learners vision in ways that gifts to them a more full view of the sector. I encourage everyone with the passion to look at the course.” ~ Peter Gooley, Independent Alzheimer’s & Dementia Coach (Spring 2013 graduate)

Basic Requirements
This certification program is designed for the professionals who have a minimum of an associate’s degree and an accredited coach training program, or equivalent training and experience. A desire to become a professional Alzheimer’s coach and a willingness to help create a more comprehensive vision of holistic caregiving aimed at benefitting persons who provide care for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. Additionally, individuals completing this program will have a great understanding and appreciation to their own personal growth and healing, and the important role they play in affecting change.

Completion Requirements

  • CAC I.i Introduction to Institutional/Independent Alzheimer’s & Dementia Coaching Practices
  • CAC I.ii Fundamentals of Alzheimer’s & Dementia Coaching 101
  • CAC II.i Fundamentals of Alzheimer’s & Dementia Coaching Internship 202 (2 weeks)
  • CAC II.ii Advanced Alzheimer’s & Dementia Coaching 303
  • CAC III.i Advanced Alzheimer’s & Dementia Coaching Internship 404 (2 weeks)
  • CAC III.ii Business of Alzheimer’s & Dementia Coaching

Registration Fee: $1,197 for the entire program. Limited seats available so please apply early by completing the application form at

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R4Y offers pro bono AD coaching to any military veterans anywhere in the world and a full scholarship to become an AD coach for returning veterans from wars. This is in honor of my husband, Major Larry S. Potter, USAF Retired. Please email me directly to inquire about this offer at

image08Title: Stay Blue and People Will Respond Well to You; Turn Red and It’s Better Not Said

Start Date: Spring 2013 Please inquire about the new Spring Schedule
Start Time: On demand

Description: Improving your communication style – Stay blue and people will respond well to you; turn red and it’s better not said is a 3-hour tele-workshop to introduce students to a proven communication method based in Transactional Analysis (TA) & teach them how to integrate a Transactional Analysis principles for significant communication results. This works well with Alzheimer’s and dementia residents/patients in getting them to comply more easily to treatment.

Registration Fee: $89.00 individual; $69.00 each participant for a group of 4 from the same institution or organization. Class is limited to 8 participants.

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careTitle: Forming an Effective Partnership with a Long-Term Care Program

Start Date: On demand
Start Time: To be announced

Description: Partnership will assure you continued close supervision of services and treatment of your loved one once home care moved to long-term care. We will demystify long-term care and harmonize the power of family caregivers as an integral part of the larger interprofessional healthcare team. This unique and revolutionary approach to long-term care allows the facility to increase services while lowering costs. This class is scheduled in advance and according to availability. Who should apply: hospitals, assisted living facilities, long-term care who have a desire and need to improve the way they provide services to their customers.

Registration Fee: $239.00 for 4 classes

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Speaking Alz.[2]Title: Learning to Speak Alzheimer’s for Professional Caregivers

Application Deadline: Upon Request
Start Time: To be announced

Description: Learn to speak Alzheimer’s in order to better serve your residents/patients who are living with Alzheimer’s or other dementias. This is a 1-hour class to introduce you to speaking Alzheimer’s. Material for this class is largely based, but not entirely, on Joanne Koenig Coste’s work entitled Learning to Speak Alzheimer’s. Useful examples will be given in class. Learning to speak Alzheimer’s is a prerequisite to providing exceptional care to individuals living with Alzheimer’s or other dementias.


Registration Fee: $49 individual; $39 each for a group of 4 or more registering from the same institution/organization.

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Special training and keynote speaker:
If you are interested in creating a special training for your group or hire Dr. Lord as a keynote speaker, you can request a quote by simply filling out the form on our contact page. Remembering 4 You is a leader in the field of Alzheimer’s coaching and offers support, information, training and coaching to caregivers, providers of services for individuals with Alzheimer’s worldwide ~ Contact Dr. Lord directly at today.

It’s not enough to train your workforce, you also have to train the trainer.

Alzheimer’s training changes fast. New methodologies and value of systems approach with Alzheimer’s. Changing expectations from trainees—and from your company. Be ready with Alzheimer’s care skills and confidence you need to provide the best possible services.This powerful seminar puts the latest trends and techniques at your fingertips. Whether you’ve been training for a while or want to increase your Alzheimer’s skills, this workshop will show you how to become a facilitator of learning, not just a presenter. You’ll build confidence, engage your audience from the beginning and leave your trainees praising your training abilities. They will walk away with new knowledge and abilities they can use right away. For more information, please contact us today