PRO-official-bottle-pillsPrevagen® Professional significantly can improve memory.

To order Prevagen® Professional strength visit and the phone is 888-895-6463.

Mention that Dr. Ethelle Lord has referred you and you will be able to place an order. The professional strength has twice the potency of any other Prevagen® available over the counter. Disclosure:  Dr. Lord receives no commission of any kind on making this referral for you.

In a large 3-month double blind, placebo-controlled study of over 40-year old participants experiencing some mild memory problems associated with aging, the Prevagen® group significantly supported areas of cognitive function such as learning and word recall. Some participants reported Prevagen® noticeably improved practical areas of memory like remembering driving directions and recalling words in a conversation. Some participants reporting sleeping better, longer, and experiencing fewer wake ups during the night. More on these studies, please go to

The main ingredient in Prevagen® is ‘apoaequorin’ which was originally found in a certain species of jellyfish. It has been clinically tested as shown above. FAQ at