~ because you give so much already

It is no surprise that professional caregivers give heart and soul to their profession. These include social workers, nurses and certified nursing assistants, and all the support staff in activities and meal preparation. Most of the time there is little to no recognition for the day-in-day-out efforts to provide care. You often feel understaffed and underpaid for what you do to healthcare.

In spite of the basic training, frustration and sorrow is often hard to hide when a resident cannot be understood, satisfied, or shuts down completely. Training seems to address the same old techniques and methods that you already know do not work with individuals living with Alzheimer’s, or at least not quite because you know anxiety and aggression sometimes build up to a dangerous level. Still, you want to help. You want to find a way to get through and understand/be understood.

Care Partner™ training is designed to bring you up-to-date with the latest methods and techniques that work best when assisting someone with Alzheimer’s. No need to guess anymore or leave work frustrated because you have the feeling you could have done better, done a little more perhaps, or solved a problem for someone that yesterday seemed more present and cooperative, happy and loving, was even happy to see you when you came in their room.

Our Caregiver Partnership Agreement Program™ promises to bring in more trained individuals to work with you in team formation. How would you like to see double the number of caregivers during the day shifts? For more information, please contact us at info@remembering4you.com today and to set up an appointment.

You are part of a unit. As a team member, your job becomes easier and you can
deliver your services in an effortless fashion. Partnering with family caregivers will
give you an entirely larger edge. Your resident/patient care will be enhanced, and
so will job satisfaction in direct proportion to improved delivery of services.