“Care partnership teaches us that when it comes to community, together we always know more and do more”

– Ethelle Lord

~ because an Alzheimer’s friendly trained workforce makes a difference

Did you know there is a seamless method to transfer a person with Alzheimer’s into your facility? How up to date is your workforce when it comes to speaking Alzheimer’s? These are only two questions of many that will swing your doors open to the public once you have been able to answer them. Remembering 4 You has trained staff to assist your training and consulting needs in the area of Alzheimer’s care.

Although the scope of care is very broad, we do specialize in the best possible approaches to providing care so that individuals living with Alzheimer’s will feel supported and understood. There is no cure for Alzheimer’s and there is no known cause for Alzheimer’s. What we know for sure is that there can be excellent, friendly, and acceptable care provided to each and every individual living with Alzheimer’s.

Statistics tell us that every 68 seconds a person is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in the United States (not to mention every other part of the world). The cost of providing this specialized care is breaking the backs of families and soon will break the backs of institutions unless the problem of care is addressed. The Caregiver Partnership Agreement Program™ is designed to increase your workforce while decreasing the cost of care. Please enquire today at info@remembering4you.com today to set up an appointment or call us now at 207-764-1214.

Download the The Caregiver Partnership Agreement Program
in PDF or Microsoft Word format:

Caregiver Partnership Agreement Program DOC

Organizations that are in the business of long-term care such as nursing centers
and assisted living, or even short-term care such as hospitals, of individuals living
with Alzheimer’s and other dementias must be willing to put a new show on the road and
provide better services. Learning to speak Alzheimer’s should be a prerequisite to
advertising as a service provider.