… Because I’ve been there.

Here is a short list of what I experienced:

  • My marriage was interrupted in 2003 by Alzheimer’s;
  • I limited my small business and eventually closed it completely;
  • I spent a lot of money on assisted living to keep my husband’s depression at bay;
  • I lived two lives at once, his and mine, remembering details for both;
  • I saw my family, friends, neighbors slowly disappear;
  • I hired and fired many professional caregivers for additional in-home care;
  • I learned to speak Alzheimer’s so we could continue to communicate;
  • I made upgrades to our home to minimize injuries, stress, and losses;
  • I started an completed my doctorate while he was living with his Alzheimer’s;
  • In desperation, I contemplated suicide;
  • My small business was scammed and I lost all our savings;
  • I established a partnership with the long-term care facility in order to remain his primary caregiver; and
  • I BOUNCED BACK after all those challenges to become the founder of Remembering 4 You.

I want you to know that the role of family caregiver can be exhaustive and very isolating. There is no need to labor so hard emotionally, physically and financially because we are here to help you. If you find yourself arguing with your loved one, with other family members, and would like to succeed as a family caregiver, contact us today at info@remembering4you.com so we can help you. Stay inform and educate yourself in methods and techniques that will work best for you because they were researched, tested, and can make your life easier.

If you have an immediate need, setting up an Introductory Coaching Call can quickly provide you the support you need and solutions for getting through a difficult issue or day. Calling friends and family often do not help unless they have dealt with a similar issue. A coaching call is a nonjudgmental environment that can talk you through your situation.
Buy your session now and you will be contacted so we can begin to work you through your situation.

Alzheimer’s/dementia coaching/consultation 30-minute introductory offer for $39 (follow-up calls are $77/30” and $97/60”)

The introductory call is designed to give you at least 2-3 tips you can take with your right away when you hang up from the call that will immediately begin to change your circumstances.

Follow up calls can be designed based on a monthly versus an hourly fee (one session per week at $250/month). Most session last between 40 to 60 minutes with action calls each time.

Over the past decade, Ethelle has been there for her husband who is living with
Alzheimer’s and has experienced first-hand the lack of services, support, and
knowledge to guide her through being a family caregiver. She is determined to
help others who find themselves in similar circumstances.