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President and Professional Alzheimer’s Coach

Ethelle Lord, President and Professional Alzheimer’s Coach

Ethelle Lord, DM – I am the founder of Remembering 4 You and designer of the Alzheimer’s Friendly Healthcare Workforce™ model of care. This model shifts the present medical model to a care model making it much more affordable and practical for the needs of persons living with Alzheimer’s. The largest program in this model of care is the Caregiver Partnership Agreement Program™ which includes a large interprofessional team of individuals, including family caregivers. Remembering 4 You is a pioneer in Alzheimer’s coaching and to that end we train/certify individuals to work either with professional healthcare workers or with families. I am in the process of writing a textbook on Alzheimer’s coaching.

A Professional Alzheimer’s Coach’s primary function is to minimize the effects of caregiving on the caregivers and to maximize results of their efforts to promote the best quality of life and best quality of care possible for the individuals they serve. I am a trained and experienced Professional Alzheimer’s Coach focusing my work in the care of persons living with Alzheimer’s in three main areas: family caregivers, professional caregivers, and facilities who provide long-term care to individuals with Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

The majority of my time is dedicated to consultation with facilities such as hospitals and long-term care; the functions of Director of the Remembering 4 You Training Institute; teaching classes; and doing presentations/workshops. My coaching services are limited to organizational leadership coaching and consulting. I also supervise a limited number of Alzheimer’s coaches in the field following their training.

The greatest problems in each of the main areas are:

  • Family caregiving – isolation, lack of support, and lack of information.
  • Professional caregiving ~ lack of knowledge and training, overworked and underpaid.
  • Facilities ~ inability to keep up with new techniques to communicate better with persons living with Alzheimer’s and their families, dealing with the high influx of Alzheimer’s diagnoses, and teamwork.

Facilities are struggling to maintain a minimum of services to keep an acceptable quality of care while adapting to the growing numbers of individuals with a diagnosis of dementia. They continue to use a traditional approach (feeding, dressing, and passing out medications) which is  no longer acceptable. Baby boomers and the specialized care needed for individuals diagnoses with Alzheimer’s requires a specialized workforce and solid teamwork.

I was inspired to create this website because I am a family caregiver for my husband, Larry,  who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in January 2003. Shocked, inspired, even distressed ~ I found it difficult to begin this journey with little to no information available, little to no support from professionals and agencies near us in Northern Maine, and little to no family around me to confide in and depend on for moral support. In hopes that other family caregivers, professional caregivers, and institutions who care for persons with Alzheimer’s and other dementias will find inspiration, practical tips, comfort and understanding here ~ this website is for you.

Now that my husband has entered the advanced stages of his Alzheimer’s and is in a nursing center specializing in serving his needs, I am realizing this dream of helping others who find themselves in similar circumstances. Also, for institutions who offer services to persons with dementia such as in an assisted living facility, a nursing center, or in a hospital ~ this may
be a way for you to begin to change the public perception that institutions are equivalent to warehousing the elderly and individuals with Alzheimer’s.

My paralegal and mental counseling background, my doctoral studies in management, and my hands-on experience as a family caregiver for 10 years at home with my husband has given me a unique perspective. Now that I have partnered with his nursing center as his primary caregiver within that institutional setting and larger team of professional caregivers, I have an even deeper understanding and appreciation of long-term caregiving within the confines of such a facility.

If you read this far, I welcome your comments and suggestions on the content of Remembering4You.com. The content of this website is dedicated to all caregivers everywhere and to the institutions who serve individuals with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Our vision is to change the healthcare culture around the world so that individuals living with Alzheimer’s always encounter and experience an Alzheimer’s friendly level of care. You may contact me at Ethelle@Remembering4You.com


Larry S. Potter taught small business at the University of Maine in Presque Isle, Maine for 15 years prior to being diagnosed on January 31, 2003 with vascular dementia, Alzheimer’s-type. His passion was small business. He headed the Small Business Center at the university and that is how he met his wife, Ethelle, at a meeting concerning her business plan. He wrote his first draft of a book entitled Small Business Bridge to Success which his wife now plans on completing and publishing for him.

He served in the United States Air Force for 21 years, retiring in 1985 as a Major. As an officer, he was fortunate to travel throughout the world on assignments. Following open heart surgery in 1999 and subsequently his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, his wife became his caregiver. He entered long-term care in May 2010 where is remains today and she continues to be his primary caregiver with the assistance of a team of professional caregivers.

Larry has a heart of gold and never said anything negative about anyone. Some of his favorite pastimes were playing cards, doing daily crossword puzzles, and playing cribbage. His main interests were small business and studying astronomy.

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Cachet Prescott joined the R4Y team at the end of 2012 and is responsible for coordinating teamwork and assure smooth delivery of services. She owns Virtual Cachet, a virtual boutique firm specializing in HR administration services. She’s one of the most pleasant and professional people on our team, always ready to lend a hand or find a suitable solution to a problem.

For more information about Cachet please visit her website at http://virtualcachet.com/


Gwen Hoffnagle joined the R4Y team at the beginning of 2013 and is responsible for editing all material published from website material, press releases, articles, to books. It is with promptness and professionalism that Gwen takes every assignment. The turnaround time is remarkable. We are very happy and relieved to have Gwen on our team. She lives and works from Colorado. You can visit her website at http:// www.gwenhoffnagle.com/home


Michelle GrenierMichelle L. Grenier, Esq. has recently joined our team at R4Y. Her focus is on small business and executive contracts. She won the Client Distinction Award for helping entrepreneurs start their businesses, helping existing businesses grow and executives achieve their goals. Attorney Grenier practices law in Massachusetts and in Maine. You can contact Attorney Grenier at                 Michelle@ContactMyLawyer.com.