At Remembering4you, the Alzheimer’s  training curriculum for our Alzheimer’s Training Certificate and for our Alzheimer’s Training for Caregivers, we prepare you for dealing with all aspects of this disease that you will be faced with.

As this diseases is progressive, so is the training and support that we provide!

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Our perspective is that the medical model of care for Alzheimer’s and many dementias is not appropriate. Healthcare systems cannot continue to sustain in this way and change must begin with top decision makers. We must educate both family caregivers and professional caregivers in ways that will improve care and lower costs.

Remembering 4 You created the Alzheimer’s Friendly Healthcare Workforce™ concept and delivery healthcare system for your facility and organization. This program entails cohesive teamwork, interprofessional coordination, and interprofessional education initiatives to serve individuals living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. This system will save you time, money and improve the quality of care you now provide.

To this end we offer a unique Caregiver Partnership Agreement Program™ to organizations and care facilities that provide specialized care for individuals living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. In this program physicians, administrators, social workers, nursing staff, and families are trained and certified to work as a cohesive team known as Care Partners™ in a number of important areas such as instituting a care model versus the medical model to save about 50% in costs, speaking Alzheimer’s, adopting a seamless transfer method from home to long-term care, improved family communications, and many more.